Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland: 3rd Annual Green Carpet Event

I had a great time at the Girls Scouts 3rd Annual Green Carpet Event!! Those girls were so excited!! I spent the night signing autographs, taking pictures, encouraging the scouts, taking pictures, eating, taking pictures... :D
Not a moment went by that kids were not around me... LOL!

I love hugs...

"Are you a real princess?" is the question I received more than once... I told them I was and that they were too! ;)

Receiving my third pin from Girls Scouts (I received my first one at the tea I volunteered for earlier this year!). I used to want to be a Girl Scout and was not allowed, but I have sure made up for it in my adult life! LOL! (... and earned some pins...)

The sweet Girl Scouts who pinned me...

We also heard, "How are there two Mrs. Marylands?" a lot... :D

With Chef Daniel Elardo of Zeffert & Gold Catering who created Lemon Chalet Shrimp Canape... Oh my! You have no idea... Old Bay Lemon Crostini with marinated shrimp on a bed of micro greens, finished with a drizzle of lemon white chocolate wasabi cream sauce... Oh my! :D He was my food hero for the evening!
With Kappa Delta Sorority members of Towson University. They were so devoted to helping the Girls Scouts!

Would you believe this is my favorite candy?? :D (Ok, in addition to a few others...)

Chatting with sponsors and the Chief Executive Officer of the Girls Scouts of Central Maryland, Traci Barnett.

Sharing food and laughs with Traci Barnett, CEO.

Maryland queens supporting Maryland Girls Scouts!

With very handsomely dressed John Robert Powers representatives who attend Howard!

With Girls Scouts Volunteers...

With Ms. Torres, who I worked with and volunteered for earlier this year for the Girls Scouts Tea!

With my kind and helpful personal escort, Jaque, a faithful Girl Scout employee who has been involved for 15 years! :D

With one of my favorite Scouts again (she pinned me!)

Preparing for the awards ceremony...

Congratulating the winners! These scouts sold a lot of cookies and created interesting PSAs for Girls Scouts!

With an award winning Girl Scout.

With another award winning Girl Scout!

I just could not leave this cute Girl Scout behind... :D

I am already ready for the 2010 Girls Scouts Green Carpet event! ;)

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