Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bridgin' A Gap Open House

I attended the Bridgin' A GAP Enrichment Center, LLC (BAG) Open House today. I was thankful for the opportunity to encourage the parents to continue helping their children by enrolling them in mentoring programs like BAG. The Founder and CEO, Angela Cannie, awarded Alisha Taylor, Miss Maryland United America 2009, and I a certificate of Appreciation for assisting her during this wonderful time. Ms. Cannie, who has reached out to many for support, is such a delight to be around and truly has a drive and passion to help improve the conditions of the city after tragically losing her husband to city violence. I am so impressed with her efforts, wish her continued success and will support in any way I can.

BAG was birthed in the Winter of 2009 in the memory of the late Dominic Winder. Its mission is to reach out and connect with the Baltimore City community. BAG will offer programs and workshops that will empower the people (Youth, Young Adults, Married Couples, etc). BAG currently provides tutoring for school-aged youth in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. The staff is geared with the vision to see the youth empowered and encouraged to make positive choices in their lives, homes, schools and communities despite their surroundings. BAG strongly believes in the great need of "Bridging the GAP" with our youth and the community and provides the necessary links the youth needs with other positive programs in the community. BAG aims for making that change! The program fosters a mentoring relationship between the student and the staff. Moreover, they provide a learning environment that is detailed to meet any child's need whether their level is special, basic, proficient or advanced. In the Fall of 2009, BAG partnered up with The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. With the support of many, Bridgin' A GAP is now operating in its full capacity!
With parents and the youth who will be joined with BAG!

I made a new friend! She had to show me how to be the queen! (and she did it too!)

I was pleased to see teen girls ready to for success!

Pictured with Carolyn Hassan, Miss Maryland 1977, Alicia Taylor, Miss Maryland United America, and my new friend... :D

Line dancing... for the second time this month! You would have thought I had it all together...

The younger girls were throwing down! :D

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