Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother and Daughter Empowerment Breakfast Keynote Speaker

I had a blessed experience speaking for the Mother and Daughter Empowerment Breakfast! With at least 60 attendees, I was overwhelmed with joy at the amount of mothers who took the time to spend with their daughters. I was encouraged by the audience and it was wonderful to see friends again: Pastor Linda Harvey (Visionary & Founder), Pastor Avril E. Wiggins (Author of The Battered Preacher's Wife), Latonya Sample and Angie Smith. I am so thankful for the opportunity to encourage these women and their beautiful, young queens!
I had the opportunity to encourage the audience... I asked the mothers to listen to and mentor not only their own duaghter(s), but their nieces, granddaughters, neighbor's daughter, students, etc. I told the girls to grow up and become the next Mrs. Maryland! :D
I then guided them through an activity of beginning the cycle now: they all had to write something positive about someone in the room they did not know. Many do not realize that some girls do not hear encouraging words regularly--I challenged them to start today!
Many audience members shared their thoughts and positive comments...

I was pinned with an orchid by the organization for my "natural" and "everlasting" beauty. I thought this was such a wonderful and thoughtful concept; the flower was so fragrant!

The orchid ladies!

Distributing girlie gifts and autographs!
I brought an additional crown with me for the beautiful little princesses and queens who wanted to take pictures. The young girls were so excited!

With Pastor Avril E. Wiggins, author of The Battered Preacher's Wife, and Pastor Linda Harvey, Visionary & Founder of this beautiful event.


  1. WHAT A BLESSING!!!!LaQuisha your presentation was awesome! It was enlightening and informative! We were truly blessed by your testimony also. The young ladies were so attentive and excited! May God continue to bless you richly.

    Maria Purcell
    Founder, Married Women Reaching Out
    Committe Member, Fragrance of Faith Outreach Ministry

  2. Stephanie GraysonNovember 27, 2009

    hello LaQuisha! My daughter saw you (and heard you speak) at the Mother Daughter Breakfast my friend Rev Linda Harvey had a few weeks back. My daughter (13) was so impressed with your beauty and the way you spoke. Your testimony was awesome. keep doing God's work!"


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