Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sowebohemian Arts Festival

The Sowebohemian Arts Festival turns 21 this year, it is held every of Memorial Day weekend Sunday surrounding historic Hollins Market. The festival presents Baltimore's largest free music venue presenting over 40 bands with 3 blocks of Arts & Crafts vendors, puppet shows, outdoor sculpture, and kid's art & fun. They showcase the large salon style non-juried art exhibit in the cavernous Carriage House Gallery.

Phil, of Caricatures and Quick Sketches, drew a picture of me while I was chatting with a different artist. He presented the drawing to me for free before I walked away. He did not get to finish it because I was moving so much, but the part he did draw looked great! (I will post the picture later...)

Hanging out with local artists and creating my own art on the street!

Pictured (above) with Kimberly Lagree, Retail Manager of A People United, and the national director, Dina (bottom left). Their organization sponsored me with a beautiful white summer dress. Thank you, thank you!

The "Stork Ladies" were beautiful and honored to take a picture with little, old me!

Sowebo Arts Inc. is a Baltimore non-profit community arts organization. Their mission is to foster community enrichment through the promotion of the arts. In this pursuit Sowebo Arts mines the talents of our neighborhood artists, musicians, and working professionals. They also strive to bring outside artists and their work into our community.
Many professional artists live in Sowebo. This includes some of the areas earliest pioneers, people who transformed dilapidated properties, old bathhouses, chicken factories, firehouse, collapsed mansions, into attractive housing, work, and gallery space. Their investments have sustained a unique community, which is now the foundation for revitalization. Artists living beyond its borders know and value Sowebo.

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