Saturday, May 30, 2009

My 10 Year High School Reunion!

Ok, so my blog readers may wonder why I wore my sash to my high school reunion... because I went from this (notice that the picture is small!) : to this (and proud!) : I had terrible hair, abnormally large glasses, was still only 110 pounds--as I am still today--however, I wore my mother's clothes. I was a size 1/2 but wore a size 12 to school! Ugh... I was teased badly and hated my high school experience. My self-esteem was so low that I did not even go to the prom nor take my senior photos. So, I had to show them! (Who would have thought I would end up winning a beauty pageant!?!)
My classmates Eric Singleton and Tamesha West...

My high school/college best friend, Kesse Satterfield! I missed her so much and we always just pick up where we leave off every time we see each other! :D

Of course after revealing the high school photo above, it was fitting that my classmates voted for me as the "Most Changed Female"! (LOL) I also received the award for "Most Unique Hobby" for being the International Spokesperson for Stop the Silence. Would you believe these are the first awards I ever won from high school??

The New Bern High School Class of 1999 in 2009!

Sharon Collins and Kesse Satterfield... all 3 of us ended up going to Elizabeth City State University together! :D

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