Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland: Tea for You and Me

Today I helped to assist girls with a tea party complete with hot/cold tea and cookies while they learned all about the popular leaf. Also, I helped the girls create "tea party hats" to remember this special day. All of the Girls Scouts were very excited to see me and shared a lot with me about their own experiences as a scout. I was very impressed with the many patches they earned and how eager they were to learn something new.

I taught the girls how to introduce themeselves to people they do not know so that they could make a new friend and further enjoy the tea. Then, they were supposed to practice by introducing themselves to at least two other people. Many of the girls came running up to introduce themselves to and take pictures with me!

While I cannot earn patches, I did earn a Tea Party pin from the Director of the Tea, Frances Torres, who said I made her day by showing to help with the event and support the girls.

I also met a parent who has a neice who had been sexually abused and needed a mentor. She asked me if I would be willing to talk with her neice if she felt comfortable and of course, I agreed. The mother found me on Facebook this evening and together, we are in the process of finding her neice some help!

I have a great pageant bud who adores the Girl Scouts organization and recently became a troop leader. She absolutely loves it and I can understand why. I am eagerly awaiting the next Girl Scout event, which is their annual Princess Ball, where all of the girls get to dress up in gowns!

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