Sunday, February 8, 2009

Messages From My Dear Friend Andrea on

1/25/09- Thank you so much.
God bless you as well. Your a role model for women like me that until I became older never talked about things that happened when I was younger. Because of women like you and the courage you've had you paved away for others and let them know they aren't alone. That to me is an act that is 100% unselfish.

1/29/09- Thank you so very much and please know that I'll be there any time for you as well. I think it's funny that you say "Queen of" I've never seen it that way. If anything the stories I hear and the wonderful people I've met (yes one major one being you) have made my life easier and much more peaceful and at the same time very active. The love and support I've found on here is beyond words. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. If you hadn't who knows if I ever would have opened up more about the past. I had taken control over it but I think that part of laying it to rest is opening up and saying "Hey I made it, I'm NOT at fault, I did NOTHING wrong, I'm not a bad person helps so much more. So many times I've seen how this can take a child and make them a monster I don't want to see that happen to anyone. That could have been me I thank God it didn't but I will say it messed me up and I had hang ups for a long, long time. The feeling of being able to say I have control not them is worth more then anything and to turn it around and do good with it is something I hold dear to my heart. Again thank you with all my heart you've helped more then you'll ever know. I even told my mom about you and how wonderful you are (she and I are very close). Your a fantastic woman!!!!

1/30/09- I'm really thinking hard about that action. I haven't talked about it to many just my mom, dad, doc, Dennis and you. So it might be awhile before I'm ready to open up more then that. I keep going back and forth about it so I'll let you know when I've made up my mind. Hope you understand. Take Care, Andrea

2/7/09- Well I took another 1st step for me.
There is a Blog posted on Criminal Justice about a Sexual Offender that froze to death after being turned away from 1-2 shelters because they were with-in 1000 feet of schools (no one seems to point out the fact that the shelter's have children in them as well). Well, when I 1st read it I cried and cried like I did when this all was new and an open wound. This was another way that I never thought of that I needed to protect myself. After calming down I re-read the post and the comment's made. It took me almost an hour to write my 1st post on there but came away no longer a hurting and have taken control over this angle as well. I now have made another post on there and got one person to see where I was coming from without losing my cool or having to say "Hey I'm one of the people your forgetting". This was such a wonderful freeing experience and I know it's the beginning of me being able to have a real conversation without getting emotional and losing my cool. I tell you this because you helped me to see that even if I have taken control of a lot and come to terms with almost everything. That there will be surprises that I need to be ready for. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for giving me the strength when I needed it. It's means more then you'll ever know. Warmest wishes my dear friend, Andrea

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