Friday, February 13, 2009

Joy Messer Does It Again!

Joy Messer is a fellow freelance writer on Associated Content and is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I was honored that she wrote about me on her blog. Joy is the author of Living Life Now in Light of Past Abuses, an interesting account of how her mortgage company treated her recently. Please read!

What I found interesting is how she always relates the point or message of her articles to any abuse victim or survivor.

In this article, she eloquently states, "As survivors of abuse, we are not accustomed to taking care of ourselves, but instead, we have been trained to take care of everyone else. Healing in this area looks somewhat selfish to us at first, simply because we are not accustomed to being good to ourselves."

Joy is extremely correct. I find myself doing more volunteer work than sitting down to a cup of tea or reading books by my favorite author... and I never even considered this until she wrote this article! Thanks for sharing and "exposing" me, Joy!

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