Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turn Around Inc. All Around Volunteer Award Recipient

I was invited to attend TurnAround's Annual Meeting at Adornment Gallery in Hampden. At first, I was going to decline the invitation because I was told it would be a program that would focuse on services that TurnAround provides to children and serve as an encouragement to Turn Around employees and volunteers to keep up the good work... Well, I figured I would have done that anyways. However, the W.A.V.E. (Women Against Violence Everywhere) director, Marie Lily (in the middle in picture) contacted me and insisted that I participate. Because she insisted, I decided to go.
When I arrived, there were programs in chairs. From reading the program, I realized that volunteers, board and staff members were recognized for their contributions and accomplishments to TurnAround over the past year. Marie recognized both Brenna Frania (on the right in top picture) and I for our services in W.A.V.E. for 2008. Marie preface my award presentation with statements like, "She is a person who is everywhere, all the time, on every committee and at every event, eager to start the next event!" She also says I send her constant emails of keeping her on track and asking about the next event. When she ran down the list of all I had done for Turn Around, Inc., someone from the audience exclaimed, "Is that all?" I was extremely honored and surprised!

I have to admit that Turn Around has been more of a blessing to me. I have been able to heal through the meetings and events I have attended, planned and hosted, feeling satisfied that even though my situation may be screwed up, at least I can help someone else unscrew theirs. Turn Around is also one of my pageant sponsors! Thank you Turn Around, Inc.

Maryland residents: TurnAround, Inc. is a non-profit that serves survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. If you or someone you know needs help, call 410-377-8111 or our 24 hr. hotline 410-828-6390.

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