Friday, January 2, 2009

Silent No More: A Poem to Dr. White

you stabbed Me
then sniffed around with an anxious nose
Left Me naked
in a world where no one knows
am I a girl or a woman?
do you not see a distinction?
Gain a closer look at Someone in which
you should not have a relation
Thinking back
I could have kicked, yelled or screamed
Only to awaken detrimental emotions
Leaving My mind demeaned
What if I told the first time?
I could not pray, I could not sleep
you waltz into another room
all I do is weep
you are a man of valor
in their community
they all fall at your feet and praise you
where was My immunity?
when I stood up for Myself
to uncover My voice
My mother turns the other cheek
My father gives you a choice
you could live in another world
or die in his sight
but My life continues on
a battle I constantly fight
you may have stole from My future
leaving Me much to restore
but you taught Me a valued lesson for
I am silent no more.

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