Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prescreening of "The Lost Sparrow" through Stop the Silence

I was honored to see the prescreening of a phenomenal movie that not only was well done, but also a message of sexual abuse awareness and it harmful effects on children and families.

Some questions are never answered. Some answers are hard to take. Three decades ago, two Crow Indian brothers ran away from home and no one knew why. Their sudden and mysterious deaths sent shockwaves through a tiny upstate New York community.

The movie, The Lost Sparrow, is Chris Billing's, an adoptive brother, journey to bring Bobby and Tyler home and confront a painful truth that shattered his family.

I would like to thank Pamela Pine, founder of Stop the Silence, for affording me this opportunity and I hope for much success to Chris Billing and for the world to hopefully open their eyes to an ongoing disaster.

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