Monday, December 14, 2009

Today was a blessing for me because I was able to help a male student who confided in me and told me that he no longer wanted to live. This was so hearbreaking, but also uplifting as I had the means to help him. He was so shocked and almost in disbelief when I told him I tried to take my own life and few years ago. I helped him to understand that I was unsuccessful in my feat because God wanted me to be there at that moment talking to him. He gave me such long hug afterwards, as if he was still reaching out for help. I am praying for this young man, but I believe he is destined for great things. He, too, will share his story with someone else later in his life and serve as a blessing.

Also, I am blessed to have been able to mail 14 packages out for the 2009 Secret Queen Exchange. I am so impressed with the amount of thought and creativity that went into these gifts! I am blessed to see queens from all over the United States uniting during this holiday based on this little idea I conjured up and followed through via Facebook. I am excited about starting "Queen Pals" in January!
Finally, Mardis and I were bless to be able to help decorate a domestic violence/sexual assault victims shelter tonight for TurnAround, Inc. (:D) What a time! I especially enjoyed the "Who can make the best shapes out of pipe cleaners" Contest! :D My shapes got better as it got darker outside--LOL!

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