Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Got a Dot!

I signed up as a survivor on Points with Purpose (read previous blog entries for an explanation of this project). The following is the note I received from the celebrity artist, David Ilan:

Hello LaQuisha1997,

Thank you for joining Points With Purpose. I will now add a dot to the portrait in your honor. Please check back often to see the portrait fill in as more people join.

You now have the option of adding your message to the site. This is where some people choose to share their experience with rape and sexual abuse with others (and write messages of support). You can also write your message privately so only I can see it. I get emails from survivors from all over the world telling me how much the messages on the site have helped them heal. It is important because it helps others but it also helps you to get your story out. Again, this is completely optional.

Other things you can now do on the site:
Comment on other people's messages/profiles (positive comments only).
Join/start a group.Connect your dot with other dots (become friends).
Write notes to other members (emails through the site).
Share your thoughts and/or poems (under the messages section).

Please note that your personal information (including email address) is never shared with anyone...

Thank you,
David Ilan

I am currently considering buying a print now, when it is needed most. Prints are expected to ship out in May. Every penny raised goes right back into the project to spread the word to other people all over the world. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this project!

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