Friday, June 14, 2013

Guest Speaker for Sexual Assault Fundraiser

What an opportunity to be the featured guest speaker for the Red Tape Sexual Assault Awareness Fundraiser Gala & Blaze of Power Awards! For years since overcoming and healing my past abuse, I have been advocate for this cause. It is not widely discussed, but this event definitely shed light on the issue and I am so thankful. These opportunities bring tears to my eyes, not because of past pain, but because they is a future hope that this issue will no longer be swept under a rug, no longer be ignored. Angela Wharton, Founder of Phynyx Ministries and hostess of this event, deserves praise for no longer remaining silent and stepping up to be a beacon of light for survivors everywhere. I am pictured with Mothyna James-Brightful, an honoree and the Visionary Founder of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. Mothyna is my inspiring coach and very deserving of the award.

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