Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 HWHN Conference: Keeping, Protecting, Growing...

With Marie Lilly, Self Defense trainer, my friend and fellow advocate for women!
The 2011 conference was absolutely, positively awesome!! Mothyna James-Brightful and Monokia Tyson, founders and directors of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. did it again... and I pray they do it again and again and again!

I got up at 5 a.m. and arrived at 7 a.m. for this day--it was SO worth it!! I volunteered last year and had a wonderful time, but I felt this year was even better. I met many beautiful, successful women, received and gave some great advice and HWHN honored me with the Spirit of Woman Award--a surprise and blessing! I felt so special and overcome with love by the end of the day--truly a day of empowerment! I cannot wait for the upcoming conference in St. Croix and the 2012 conference...
 With my girls, Morgan and Megan!

Morgan's Twitter: 
I had a great day @!! I met so many amazing teens and women I'm thankful for! Excited for next year! @
 I gave "LaQuisha Jr.", Morgan's unborn baby girl, her first Easter Basket!
 With fabulous workshop presenters and advocates for women and girls!
 Awarding LaTayla Palmer-Lewis, workshop facilitator of "Self-Care for Incest Survivors". 
Tara was also a great asset to the "Self-Care for Incest Survivors" workshop!
 These two women empowered me more than they know... So, I saw their Traci Lynn table and gave them the heads up that I already own about $600 worth of the jewelry they had (lol... I know, I know). They complimented me so much on my appearance and requested that I model some of their jewelry for them. I wore this fabulous and extra "blingy" rhinestone choker and matching bracelet during the conference. It was sold by the end of the day! :)
My heart was overwhelmed with love for Mothyna and Monokia for choosing me as their Spirit of Woman Award recipient... I have received many awards, but these two women truly know me and know what I have been through. Not only do they know me, but I have volunteered with them for about two years--I just did not even consider myself in the running. They are just so supportive and encouraging of everything that I do, EVERYTHING. I will continue to give "tireless service" to this organization and I cannot thank them enough for how they made me feel today... I ♥ them both and the HWHN team!
 They even tweeted giving us the award before we received it!! Smh... too special and thoughtful! :)

 ♥ My girls! 

 My "award sister", Crystal, who also received an award! The Legacy of Strength Award was given to her for facing health challenges yet still rising to the top! Crystal is a survivor of lupus and cancer but you would never know because she never complains and she is an avid supporter and volunteer for HWHN! I her!
Until St. Croix... 

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