Saturday, January 29, 2011

Queendom T.E.A. Events Coming Again... 2011!

Once again, Pam, the founder of Stop the Silence, and I go through a grueling begging process of trying to obtain funds from the community to support our youth program, Queendom T.E.A. Although we have not been as successful in the past, we are doing our best to "step up our game" this year. 

To date, we have encouraged, mentored and raised the self-esteem of 100+ girls since 2008. While this may be fun, it is not easy without funding. 

Weekly, our girls attend workshop sessions, hosted by their mentors or female community leaders. During these workshops, supplies such as paper, scissors, pens, chart paper and books, are needed. Currently, many of our mentors spend their personal funds to see these workshops take place. However, it takes a village to raise a child--we have 40 children and only 6 mentors.

Soon, our annual events for the new group of "queens", the 2011 Priceless Pearls, will begin: the Second Annual Mother & Daughter Tea and the Fourth Annual Crowning Ceremony. These two highlighted and highly anticipated events by our youth are the most expensive every year, especially as our participants continue to grow.

Over the years, as a teacher and mentor, I have discussed what I do and how I attempt to help youth. I frequently come across those who are impressed and ask, "How can I help?" and those who criticize the negative actions and ideals of our youth . Here is an opportunity for the community to help 30 girls in Baltimore City and 10 girls in Anne Arundel county:

Please consider donating to a cause that is important because it involves helping young girls. You can do this if you are on Facebook or through our website. Together, we can not only support these girls through special occasions, but we can empower them to continue to withstand hard times.

Please read testimonials from a few of our participants and supporters:

"This has been my second year participating in Queendom and it has taught me a lot about being a lady. It has also given me the opportunity to interact with other girls from different backgrounds. This program is something every girl should be exposed to. I believe that it has changed the way participants look at life. Mrs. Hall is a positive female role model that many need. It was fun and informative!"
~Danecha, 2008-2009 Queen

 "I like Queendom because I made new friends, met a new friendly adult and enjoyed activities and field trips."
 ~Danielle, 2009-2010 Queen

"I really enjoyed Queendom. This was my first year, but not my last! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I will use what I have learned in my life."
~Tykiarah, 2009 Queen

"I like Queendom it is a light to my dark tunnel when i go to school. i like seeing Ms. Hall."
~Alexus, 2009-2010 Queen

"By chance I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman named LaQuisha Hall, founder of Queendom T.E.A., a program that promotes self-esteem of young girls. I was introduced to Mrs. Hall through a mutual friend... she told me “You have to meet my friend LaQuisha”, in fact she was adamant about it. So I sent her [LaQuisha] a friend request on Facebook, introduced myself and told her I would like to know more about her program. She accepted and over the next few weeks, through her constant status updates and posts it became very clear that she was very, very passionate about her cause. I had to see this in action so when I found out she was having a closing [crowning] ceremony I scheduled myself to be there... The closing ceremony was even more than I expected and afterwards I got an opportunity to talk with her husband and found out they accomplish all they do with very little funding and the help of some volunteers. Now I was doubly impressed. I had to find out more about this woman and her organization so I started do some research, it led me to her blog, her blog led me to her life story, a story of rape, incest, attempted suicide, resilience and then brilliance."
~Kendrick Staley, Civic Grind

"Think Pink with Purple Hearts Expo hosted by Queendom T.E.A. in Baltimore, MD. We sponsored the event and hosted mini workshops for the girls on healthy relationships. The focus was domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. We are so grateful to Mrs. LaQuisha Hall for being a great friend to us and founding this amazing group. Keep up the excellent work!
~Mothyna James-Brightful, Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc.

"Thank you for crowning me Miss Fashionista! I love the sash and crown!"
~Maria, Spain (Session held in Leysin, Switzerland)

"Thank you so much for this evening! I love my sash and crown... I'm really touched!"
~Charlotte, Canada (Session held in Leysin, Switzerland)
"Queendom means alot to me. It encourage me to be what I want to be, It motivates me to become better, It makes me stronger & wiser. Queendom not only helps you, but it lets you see how other ladies are just like you. I've been in queendom for 2 years now, I really enjoy it because I enjoy my mentor. My mentor is easy to love, she care alot & she shows it to her queens. Expecially ME! lol. She also motivates me. She don't have to say anything to do it, just looking at her motivates me. She's a great person & she wants the best for people."
~Tyeisha, 2010-2011 Queen

"Coming from the heart: I love Queendom! It has shown me how to be a young lady and deal with my problems in more ways than one. I look up to the women that help us and hope that I can be in their shoes one day too. Queendom is a backbone for most young ladies. It teaches you to be confident and love yourself no matter what others think. I have been with Queendom for three years and I hope to become a mentor in my freshmen year of college. I want every young lady to have the pleasure of having someone in their life that can make a difference like I have had."
~Tanaja, 2009-2011 Queen

"Queendom is awesome! :D It helped me make more friends with the people I go to school with everyday. It's also great to know that I have someone to talk to about personal things. I would usually keep them hidden but now I know that Queendom can listen to me and give me advice. Thank you guys..."

~Sasheen, 2010-2011 Queen

"Queendom has taught me alot about myself... I used to not have any confidence in myself. When I signed up for Queendom, at first i thought it wasn't going to help me out at all, but the more I went to the meetings, the more I felt like I can express my feelings to Ms. Hall and other girls that have/had the same problems that I had. I'm thankful for the experience."

~Antanice, 2010-2011 Queen

Thank you for generosity and consideration in supporting these girls!

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