Monday, December 20, 2010

Organizations that I Plan to Carry with Me into the New Year!

I have been busy for the past 7-8 years of my life in Maryland... volunteering all over the state for various organizations. While I had a lot of fun, it is time for me to hone my craft of volunteerism. They cannot do it alone and I plan to be there every step of the way... If you are interested in organizations that promote empowering women and girls or ending abuse and violence, please join me! 

These organizations have helped me by not only allowing me to find my voice in a world full of silent victims, but they also allow me to be the voice of survivors. Through these reputable organizations, I have been able to share my story, educate and support communities, empower youth and continue a personal journey of healing. Volunteering has truly changed my life!

I had had a great year reminding little girls of their beauty. My goal for 2011 is to continue to be "pretty... philanthropic" and hopefully host a playdate or two... :) I am looking forward to making over a little girls' bedroom in February!
This organization has supported me since the first day I volunteered for them. I am grateful to them for their support and look forward to the 2011 Silent Tears No More Empowerment Breakfast and PossibiliTEAS!
As a founding member of Women Against Violence Everywhere (W.A.V.E) and a newly trained sexual assault hotline operator, I will have a busy schedule in 2011. It is worth it as TurnAround, Inc. has done so much for the residents of Maryland.  
Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation has done so much for me... Whether I was serving as a conference volunteer (listening to the empowering message of Dee Marshall!) or a workshop participant (I learned that I was a queen without my Maryland Galaxy crown and sash, but a queen who now proudly wears the crown of my natural hair!) I always learned something new, inspiring and substantive to enhance my life. I most definitely plan to move forward into 2011 with the dynamic duo of Mothyna and Monokia... <3
I attended my first meeting this past Saturday and now I am hooked!! Definitely looking forward to what this organization will further bring into my life in 2011... Now, back to staring at my awesome vision boards!
This organization has not only heavily promoted the awareness of child abuse, but welcomed me to do the same. I love the founder and everything this group stands for!
Stop the Silence, Parent Organization of Queendom T.E.A.
I will forever be grateful to Pamela Pine and the board of directors for allowing the mentoring program to continue. I am looking forward to great things to come! 


  1. I had to tag all 3! These organizations are certainly better for having you kind and energetic spirit. I feel truly blessed to be counted among the Victors!

  2. Awe, shucks! I just saw this! I'm glad to hear that The Black Doll Affair has added beauty and meaning in your life. Hearing stories like yours and posts like these is why I work so hard to move this movement! Psst.. I can't wait to do the room makeovers either! Too cool, right?
    XOXO - Mama Doll, The Black Doll Affair


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