Saturday, August 1, 2009

Because I Am A Queen...

I learned so much today through this uprising and powerful organization! Heal A Woman to Heal A Nation led a workshop today called "Because I am a Queen".

As women, sometimes we must remind ourselves of the beauty and strength that exists within us. This workshop ignited the fire of self realization that lives in all of us. Because WE as woman are all Queens, we must walk, talk, think and grow as such. At this workshop, "Because I Am A Queen", I learned how short affirmations become power statements for me to encourage myself daily and offer encouragement to my sisters. Fabulous job to Mothyna and her queenly team!

The plant that we poured something we needed to let go of into... we gave it our worries and problems back to the earth.

I am letting go... (and smiling at the same time as usual)

My sisters... we must look out for each other always. You never know what another woman is going through. Offering an encouraging word or a hug can truly make someone's day... A queen does not have to visibly wear a crown.
I am so thankful for this experience and glad that I attended. Great job to Mothyna James- Brightful, Monokia Tyson and Maria James! I look forward to many more events!

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